More Pie Pastry

Dear Piary,

I am sorry for leaving you for so long. You see, I’ve been writing, you know, by hand, in an actual journal. I think it’s pretty cool to have real pen-to-paper documentation of my pies, my baking trials and tribulations. Handwritten recipes. How novel, right? (Now, go take a look at my friend Anna’s new blog about a recipe box that magically appeared in her life.) Writing recipes by hand. Call me old fashioned but I kind of like the art of the handwritten recipe. And pen pals and postcards and books without an E. But I digress.

This is about pie and my recipes (also available handwritten, some on cute cards, which reminds me that I need to find more recipe cards and cute aprons and cool pie plates, *le sigh*) and my photos of said pies.

While I haven’t been blogging about my pies, I have been baking and documenting my pies, so I have backlog of pie to tell you about. Some happy, some sad, most of them very delicious. (I have issues with my pies looking pretty, which I will get into later because pie really should not make you cry.)

Since my original post about pastry I have tried an all butter (yes! more buttah!) crust that has a fancy name, pate brisee. It is exceptional. Please, by all means, experiment with different crusts. It’s all about experimentation to find the right pastry for the right pie, really. I’ve been having both grand and frustrating times with my pies. Horrible. I haven’t waned to talk about it. But now I’m in the right place to share them with you. *deep breath*

After the success of my first amazing pastry, I had the most frustrating pie pastry problem. My first pie dough was made by hand and the second one I made was my first attempt with my new KitchenAid Artisan stand mixer. One of the best gifts ever.

Yes, I'm pimping my bunny with my new mixer. Boo ya!

Behold the power of the mixer! The thing is a beast and it mixes the dough very quickly. I think I may have worked it too long and/or added too much water because it was very moist and crumbly. Living in such humid climes isn’t helpful, either. It was really hard to handle and this was the time I decided I would attempt my first lattice top. All together now: FAIL!

It was too soft. It was sticky. It was an all-around unpleasant experience but I wouldn’t quit. Yes, that’s what I said.

I somehow got it into the pan and in the oven. It baked up more like a crumble than a pie. The slices just fell apart. I tried not to cry. It tasted delicious, though. Very tasty pastry, indeed, but it did not make for a pretty, picture-perfect pie. This is where I shouldn’t sweat the small stuff, right? But I want my pie to be PRETTY!

Like this one. xo

Made with fresh local, organic peaches and a whole lotta buttah!

Look at this delicious peach pie with a sort-of lattice top! Fresh out of the oven and still bubbling. I hope this pie slices nicely, unlike the two failed pies I mentioned above. OK, I’m exaggerating. They were not complete fails since they were absolutely delicious. Blackberry and Blueberry-Nectarine, since I know you are dying to know. I think taste counts for a lot more than looks, right?

EDIT: Here is a slice of my most perfect peach pie. Off the charts delicious.

Peach Pie a la mode

My most perfect pie slice yet. Pretty and delicious!

Well, let’s carry on and talk about pies.


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5 thoughts on “More Pie Pastry

  1. livinglearningeating July 23, 2011 at 2:34 pm Reply

    Whoa, a la mode is the way to go 🙂

    Do you have an even-complete-pie-idiots-can’t-screw-THIS-one-up recipe for pie crust? I’m headed off to Germany soon, and I want to knock some socks off with some good ol’ American pie 😉

    • Pie Mistress July 25, 2011 at 1:22 pm Reply

      I do have a fool-proof pie pastry. I’ll post it for you. 🙂
      Thanks for reading my blog! I look forward to exploring yours.

      • livinglearningeating July 25, 2011 at 4:22 pm

        Thank you! For both (a) helping me with the fool-proof pie pastry recipe and (b) stopping by my blog 🙂

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